Inspired by Media Mavens Who’ve Followed Their Dreams

It’s been a minute, right? How’s life treating you? I hope the answer is lovely. Me? Well I’ve been soaking up life and trying to live in every present moment of the day. I used to live for the future. I planned for tomorrow. I still do. However, having a 1 year old has taught me how incredible each second is TODAY. For him, the world is new. Even the leaves on a tree are exciting. I feel like I’m starting life over through his eyes. That is priceless. Truly.

But like I said, I’m still planning for tomorrow. And tomorrow includes doing something daily to pursue my passions and dreams. For me that begins with reflecting on my life, and acknowledging some very special people.  There are the usual suspects like God, my mother, family members, friends, teachers, and volunteers. They all have left indelible imprints on my heart, as well as my approach to life. Then there are the ones that I’ve admired from afar, the ones that make me say to myself “if I could just have 30 minutes of their time”, the ones that are simply GREAT.

Lisa Ling
Investigative Lifestyle Journalist/Host of Our America on OWN

Michele Martin
National Public Radio
Host of Tell Me More

Shonda Rhimes
Creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, SCANDAL

Monica Pearson
Retired Anchor of WSB-TV

Diane Sawyer
Anchor of World News

Maya Brock Akil
Creator/Executive Producer
Girlfriends, The Game, Sparkle

I could go on and on. There are others like Oprah Winfrey, Debbie Allen, Robin Roberts, Connie Chung, Ananda Lewis, Barbara Walters. They’re media movers. Some would say shakers and groundbreakers.

So just why do I consider them among the great in their craft besides the obvious? They’re great because of the unspoken feeling I get when I see their picture, or see them on television in their element. It’s an unidentifiable emotion. I guess it might even be awe.

This is just a start to a long a list of my “sheros”. Nonetheless, I’m starting today, Friday, August 31, 2012. I’m giving them their flowers now.  More are to come. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, I’ll one day have their attention too…

Good, no Great Friday!



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