I Wanted Whitney Houston to Live

I wanted Whitney Houston to live. Yes, I know her spirit will live on forever. But I wanted her a little longer, here on earth. Perhaps her daughter, mother, and family feel the same way. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they’ve found (or is finding) peace in knowing she is with her Heavenly Father. My peace comes in knowing she has a daughter to carry her legacy. My joy rests in Whitney’s magical music that will transcend time. She lived a beautiful, blessed life. But I still wanted Whitney to live.

You see, I can’t reflect on my childhood without Whitney Houston. I Want to Dance with Somebody and How Will I Know are the first songs I remember ever loving, and memorizing. It seemed I created a dance floor whenever they were played on the radio. I used to sing I Get So Emotional in front of my bedroom mirror. Of course my hairbrush was the microphone.  Then there’s The Greatest Love of All, which seemed to be the national anthem for all kids growing up in the 80s. I mean seriously, how many times was this song performed at school-age graduations?

Like millions of girls, I grew up adoring Whitney. There probably isn’t a female singer under the age of 35 that hasn’t been influenced or inspired by her God-given gift. Think about it. Whitney didn’t do ridiculously, choreographed dance sequences. She didn’t fly from the sky. She sang. She blew. Her voice and stage presence translated into powerful, soul-twisting performances. That was enough. Whitney’s smile was more than enough. She gave us pure grace and glamour on stage. Who does that now?

I wanted Whitney Houston to live because I wanted to see her fully delivered from her addictions. I wanted her healed on this side. Her life has captivated me since I was a kid. In death, it still does. I have purposely not pounded on her struggles. I believe any one of us could be Whitney. No, not you? Well think about this. Have you snorted cocaine? Have you or do you smoke marijuana? Do you drink alcohol weekly or daily? Are you addicted? If you’re addicted, why? If you’re not, then ask yourself why you aren’t? Just think…about that. Undoubtedly, Whitney Houston’s struggles are part of her story. They’re just not the whole. Still, we can learn from them.

What affects me the most from Whitney’s life is the complete change in her voice during her career.  In the 80s and 90s, it seemed like God and His angels smiled every time she opened her mouth to sing. But then years of abuse caught up with Whitney’s voice. Her God-given gift changed. I’ve come to learn God can bless us with natural gifts, but if we don’t use them or if we abuse them, then we lose them. And in Whitney’s case, her voice and life became her ultimate sacrifice. I pray for her daughter and mother.

Whitney Houston would have turned 49 today. So I celebrate!!!!!! And although I wanted Whitney to live, I celebrate the eternal life of her spirit. May Whitney rest in peace. Happy Birthday, Nippy.

Peace. Love. Heaven.




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