Tangerine. Coral. Orange. The Summer “It” Shades

Not sure what happened with the previous post. But please disregard. You now technology sometimes has its own agenda. So here we go again…

I was feeling peachy this morning. My shirt was too. You, like I, have probably noticed orange, peach, and coral all spring and summer. In case you missed it, tangerine, and its cousins, are the “it” kids on the block. To celebrate the popularity of these shades, I pulled together my favorite home, fashion, and makeup pics featuring the orange family. Take a look!


Eyes go straight to the ceiling. Love it!

Please, have a seat

Nothing like neon fun!


What a way to brighten up the runway

Tangerine shades work for every occasion-cocktail mixer, business meeting, or formal

Doesn’t get much better than this.


Lips, nails, cheeks, eyes.

Like what you saw? Then I dare you to incorporate these colors in your world!

peace. love. Peach!



2 thoughts on “Tangerine. Coral. Orange. The Summer “It” Shades

  1. Yes, I like the orange and tangerine family. The bug hit me earlier this spring/summer. I purchased a pair of orange and khaki sandals, necklace, sundress with orange, yellow and brown in it, lipstick, and a pair of capris. I love it!

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