Head to Your Public Library-Cyn’s Bargain Pick!

Reading is FUNdamental! Ooops. Did I forget entertaining, empowering, and educational too? Nowadays, e-reading and audio reading/listening has taken over. The practice of reading an actual hard copy book has almost become extinct. How sad!!! And what about visiting the public library? Who still does that? I’ll tell you who, me. And I’m proud to announce public libraries are Cyn’s Bargain Pick!

There’s nothing like walking into a public library. They’re so calming. Perhaps it’s because libraries permeate a sense of order. You already know you’re supposed to be on your best behavior when you enter. Libraries house the world’s greatest stories and are the keepers of our history. They’re an invaluable resource.

I was at my local library twice last week. I was long overdue for some new reads. You see, I decided a while back that I’m going to utilize what my taxes pay for to help keep libraries open. Plus, paying $20-$30 for a book that I can check out at my public library for free is not in my discretionary budget. Libraries are also a great place to work since they have free computers and free wireless internet. They have meeting rooms that accommodate large or small groups which are perfect for organizations on a tight budget.

Although the above are nice facets of the public library experience, my favorite part of libraries just happen to be the kids section. There was a summer camp in the library last week. You’d think the kids would have been noisy and rambunctious. However, they were quite the opposite. These little readers were engrossed in their books and they all used their “inside” voice. I was quite impressed. I believe kids need books and library time. They need to expand their vocabulary, cultivate their imagination, and experience the joy and privilege of checking out books. But, most summer camps take kids to the zoo, pool, activity parks, etc.  Libraries aren’t usually on the list of summer field trips. Imagine how happy I was to see the next generation of leaders at the library. Yes! Books will live on!!!

So the moral of the story is…get to your public library. Check out a book. Hold a meeting. And take a kid too. Oh, I forgot to tell you I checked out 32 Candles by Ernessa Carter. The main character is Davie Jones, an eclectic, slightly psychotic, but lovable lounge singer with a past of hurt and a future of promise.  It was an excellent choice. I’d love to see it on the big screen one day. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll hook up with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry to do just that!

32 Candles by Ernessa Carter


Peace. Love. Public Libraries.


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One thought on “Head to Your Public Library-Cyn’s Bargain Pick!

  1. Great article. The library is one of my favorite places. I am actually going there today. Don’t forget that they also offer movies and music. I love to pick up a smooth jazz album from back in the day.

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