My Daddy, My 1st Love.

It’s the Friday before Father’s Day, and I’m thrilled this will be my husband’s 1st. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing him toss our son in the air. Those moments are simply priceless. So let me take the opportunity to tell my husband, Happy Father’s Day!!!!

But before my husband, there was my very 1st love. He’s tall with a nice build, handsome, and is incredibly strong, supportive, intelligent, and a phenomenal writer. His hard work has allowed our entire family to see the world a time or 2. His name is Lonnie, and although his siblings and parents call him Cyrus, I, on the other hand, call him daddy. And I love me some him.

My dad is the 1st man I ever loved. As you can imagine, I was a daddy’s girl growing up. He knew just how to treat a girl like myself too. I’m happy to say our relationship has beautifully transitioned into my adulthood. Therefore, in honor of Father’s Day, I want to share some of my most indelible & hilarious father/daughter memories. Pictures are at the very end.

#1-I’ve Come to Rescue You

When I was in pre-school, my dad would sometimes pick me up early. Occasionally, he would come during nap time, and I’d pretend to be sleep just so he would have to carry me to the car. On days like this, I would imagine I was a princess and he was coming to rescue me from my castle. I know…a little too much Sleeping Beauty.

#2-Count Your Pennies

My dad taught me how to count using the pennies from his work pants. By age 5, I could count with the best of ‘em. Every day after school, he’d sit me on the floor & review not only numbers, but whatever homework I had…well that was up until a certain grade. Then he realized he didn’t know the answers anymore. LOL!

#3-Here Are The Rules When It Comes To Boys

In the words of Lonnie, “Keep your dress tail down and your pants up.” “Learn to take care of yourself cause jokers these days won’t.”

#4-Be Ready When I Get There Cause I’m Coming For You

From high school to college, to every summer break and home, to college to Chicago and back, my dad has been right there…moving me in and moving me out. It didn’t matter when or where, he always came, and I was always ready. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should get him a gas card for Father’s Day and a massage too.

#5-The 2nd Time Around is Even Better

My dad, who has always been a strong, virile man, is now this big, mushy grandparent…and I love it. I understand his role as my father was to protect his family, provide for his family, and be the disciplinarian. Now he can sit back, enjoy the fruits of his labor, play with his grandson, and watch my husband and I figure out all the rest.

Almost done. But there’s one more thing I gotta do.

Daddy, I love you, and I understand you more than I ever did. It hasn’t always been easy or perfect. And I didn’t always agree. But this journey has been worth it. I hope Deon and I have made you and mom proud. More than anything, I pray to one day return the gift you’ve given us. Thank you. Happy Father’s Day, my 1st Love.

Peace & Love,

Your Suga Suga (Remember that?)

Our special moment before going down the aisle

I wonder what he was thinking…

His new pride & joy!
My son was born the day after my dad’s b-day.

The Men in My Life-
Daddy, Son, Husband, & Brother

But sometimes it’s still nice to have him all to myself…

Just the two of us


6 thoughts on “My Daddy, My 1st Love.

  1. How wonderful for you to remember your Father is such a special way…Thanks for sharing.

    Betty Satterwhite
    (Pam’s Friend)

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