Bargain of the Week: Summer Lip Colors from Revlon, L’Oreal & Covergirl

I’ve really been into lips lately. I think it’s because I’ve been on a personal hunt for new lipsticks. There’s this Clinique commercial that advertises their new Chubby Stick; it’s pretty much a lipstick in the form of a chunky stick. Their colors are gorgeous too, but I can’t afford Clinique, aaaannnndddd I’m not a huge fan of malls. So that leaves me with drugstores, Walmart, & Target.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I purchased 3 new bright lip colors: purple, coral, and fuchsia. They’re fun & bold; just what I want if I’m going to wear lipstick. The price wasn’t too shabby either which is why all 3 are my Bargain of the Week! They ranged from $4.99-$7.99. Nice! Check em out.

Coral, Fuchsia, & Purple

Covergirl’s Purple #330 Divine

Beautiful shade by Covergirl

Revlon’s Coral #677 Siren

Perfect shade for summer

L’Oreal’s Fuchsia#173 Velvety Fuchsia

This shade has a wonderful shimmer

What do you think? Pass or Fail?

Do you have any new summer lipsticks? Or, do you have some lip color staples? If so, share them with us. We’d love to see!

Peace. Love. Lips!



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