Posted in June 2012

Find Your Balance. You Need It!

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker earlier this week. We were discussing my blog, the topics I write about, and how blogging is a pure creative outlet for me. I don’t agonize over how often I blog because I don’t write to create a fan base. I write to release. I also shared … Continue reading

Head to Your Public Library-Cyn’s Bargain Pick!

Reading is FUNdamental! Ooops. Did I forget entertaining, empowering, and educational too? Nowadays, e-reading and audio reading/listening has taken over. The practice of reading an actual hard copy book has almost become extinct. How sad!!! And what about visiting the public library? Who still does that? I’ll tell you who, me. And I’m proud to … Continue reading

My Daddy, My 1st Love.

It’s the Friday before Father’s Day, and I’m thrilled this will be my husband’s 1st. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing him toss our son in the air. Those moments are simply priceless. So let me take the opportunity to tell my husband, Happy Father’s Day!!!! But before my husband, there was my very 1st … Continue reading

For the Love of Shrimp

Did you know I looooooovvvvveeeee shrimp????  Not like, but looooooovvvvveeeee! How could you not know? Did you happen to miss the delicious-looking shrimp dish pic in my blog header? Well, in case you didn’t know, yes, I looooooovvvvveeeee shrimp. If these little monsters didn’t pack such a heavy cholesterol punch, and if my husband actually … Continue reading