How to Rock a Scarf…Some Seriously Funky Pics Included Too!

I’m not sure when I started getting into scarves. I’ll say I was in love with them even as a kid. My mother had 2 drawers full of neatly placed scarves. I’d play dress up with them, and she’d ALWAYS remind me to make sure the drawer was as neat as I found it. Of course it never truly was!

My love for scarves continues today. And I’m not the only one. In case you didn’t know it, hair scarves have made a major comeback…especially for summer…especially amongst my natural girls. Now I normally rock hair wear on the weekend. But the scarf fairies were speaking to me this morning so I’m actually wearing a scarbow (scarf tied in a bow. I just made that up too) today. Already, I’ve received rave reviews from my co-workers. Since I love sharing, check out pics of me, along with some seriously funky pics I found online.  Shout out to curlBox!

And don’t worry, anyone of any age or hair type can rock a scarf. Just try it, and you’ll love it!

Peace. Love. Scarf Power!



My right side

My left side

Upclose and personal


Turban style

Fly Fly Fly

Gypsy style is bananas

Bun style

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. If you need a tutorial on accessorizing your hair with a scarf, check out this wonderful video from vlogger Natural85. She’s ggggrrrreat! (In my “Tony the Tiger” voice. Remember him from those Frosted Flakes throwback commercials?)


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