2012 Spring & Summer Wedding Trends…My Favs at Least

You know I’m always looking for home décor ideas. Noodle and I actually went browsing over the weekend at one of my favorite ATL design shops-Z Gallerie. Unfortunately, I want to change every room in my house every time I go in this store. At one point during my stroll, I had to say to myself, “Cyn, you have a great home. Just be thankful and grateful for what you have!” That was my reality check. But beyond the stunning setups, I saw some unintentional (and fabulous) ideas for weddings-lots of color, sparkly things, florals, and fabrics.

Just yesterday I was having an email convo with my cousin’s fiancé about their upcoming wedding. We exchanged some ideas and I realized… it’s wedding season!!!! Another secret obsession of mine is browsing online wedding photos. In fact, every Wednesday, Essence.com sends out Bridal Bliss, which is an e-newsletter featuring a gallery of images from a lucky couple’s recent wedding. I figured I’d share some of my favorite ideas from Bridal Bliss, along with what the experts (www.theknot.com) are calling The Top 2012 Spring & Summer Wedding Trends.

My Favorite Top 2012 Wedding Trends from The Knot:

Ritzy Ranch Weddings-nothing better than combining a rural setting and glitz for a beautifully intertwined experience

Check out my rural setting (the hills of St. Lucia), with a formal wedding ceremony from my 2007 wedding

I still wanted a formal wedding gown eventhough I had a destination wedding. I loved how my dress looked against the breathtaking, natural hills and ocean of St. Lucia.

Whimsical, Enchanting Flowers & Bouquets-always in season and an appropriate choice for blushing brides

Panoramic Guest Portrait-the perfect way to capture a photo of all your guests

Here’s my panoramic guest photo

This photo was easy to capture since we had an intimate wedding. Look! I changed dresses.

Check out some of my other favorite wedding ideas for the bold, simple, or modern couple.

Peace. Love. Weddings!



Never can go wrong with black and white

Love how this combines formal and natural

How neat

Dinner is served


Perfect for summer


Who says you always have to use a traditional vase?

Baby breaths! Simple and economical!!!

Now that’s a head table!

Here comes the baby! How precious!!!


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