What Mama Said

It’s my 1st Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you feel my excitement?  I am truly blessed!

You haven’t heard from me this past week because my son had a stomach virus (which he gladly passed to me) that lasted 6 days. So you know it’s been a diaper changing relay race at my house.  The great news is Noodle is good now so Mama is happy! I guess he decided to break me in the week before Mother’s Day.

Despite my son’s virus, I thoroughly enjoyed my time home with him. I’ll take “mommie & me” time anyway I can get it.  This past week really allowed me to reflect on my relationship with my mom. I’ve written about her before in previous posts. But it’s only fitting I dedicate this post to her, in honor of Mother’s Day.

My mother, Gloria, Glo, or G.B., is an AWESOME woman. Like your mothers, she’s taught me so much, more than I could ever write about (although I’ll attempt). My mom is loving, supportive, and will do ANYTHING to help her family. She’s the most SELFLESS person I know. We have an open, uninhibited relationship. I love, love, love that I don’t have to pretend to be perfect with her. Hell, I’m not! I’m completely unguarded with my mom. She gives it to me straight, with no chaser. She DOES NOT, WILL NOT tolerate FOOLISHNESS, nor does she make excuses for me not achieving greatness.  And that’s just how I like it! My mom is who she is 24/7. She’s the same person at church, at home, and at work.

I admire her for so many reasons, but her faith is what’s dearest to me. I don’t know another person in the world with faith like hers. It’s pure and unwavering. It’s powerful and comforting. It’s unbreakable, unshakable, and downright comical at times!

When I think about my mom, I can’t help but reflect on her favorite sayings. She, like most moms, has these adages that she’s drilled them into my head, and the heads of my brother, cousins, and anyone that has a relationship with her.  Wanna know some of em? I thought so. Here they are-proof I was listening all along.

G.B.’s Favorite Adages

  • Keep God First (Matthew 6:33)
  • There’s No Such Word As What?______ (She’d make us finish the sentence & we’d say) Can’t!
  • Use Your Head For More Than a Hat Rack
  • It’s Called Doing What?______ (She’d make us finish the sentence & we’d say) More Than I Have To!
  • You Can’t Fake It Til You Make It
  • Don’t Always Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Is Doing
  • You Are Who You Are When No One is Looking
  • Show Real Love
  • Be the Light. You are Kings & Queens (She specifically taught this to her Teen Bible Study Group)
  • Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong & I Will Not Stand Behind Foolishness!

Yep! That’s what mama said. What did your mama tell you? Send me some of your mom’s favorite adages. I’d love to hear them. Hope you enjoyed the ones above.

Remember, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms & mother figures!

Peace. Love. Moms.

Cyn-The Bargain Bella


P.S. I love you mama!

Mama & I at my 2001 Debutante Ball

2005 Mother’s Day Present-
Me, graduating from Hampton University

Hard-working Mama!

My 2007 wedding in beautiful St. Lucia.
Get it Glo!

Like mother, like daughter

Now a doting grandmother!

Me giving Noodle his 1st bath, well more like a bird bath.

Our 1st Picture

A mother’s love…


2 thoughts on “What Mama Said

  1. Well said, love the relationship you have with your mother…girls/ladies keeping it real we all need that from someone close and special.

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