Bargain of the Week April 30, 2012: Gel Nail Polish…Candy-Coated of Course!

I’m addicted to lacquer, A.K.A. nail polish.  My obsession started as a youngun when I’d watch my mom paint her nails for Sunday church service. She always took special care of her nails. (Side-note: It’s amazing the things we remember from our childhood and how our parents shape our future selves.) My paternal grandmother always kept her nails well-groomed too. She’d paint my nails soft pink, a color she thought was fitting for little girls. I’ll admit I haven’t painted my nails much in recent years. I use my hands soooooooo much and regular nail polish on natural nails chip too damn much. Plus, it’s hard to find the time to do my nails with an active 9 month old baby because my hands are always in use. But check this out. A few weeks I decided to leave lil’ man with my hubby for the evening and I treated myself to a much needed (and deserved) manicure.

I was itching to try gel nail polish. I’d heard about it for a few years. However I was always so scared to pay for a manicure that might not last. Hey I’m a bargain bella and sometimes a lil cheap! My manicurist assured me I’d have chip-free, candy coated nails for 2 to 3 weeks.  So I gave them a try. Now I’m a GEL NAIL ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what that means. Gel nails are my Bargain of the Week.  Here’s why:

  • Regular nail polish just takes too long to dry. Who has the time? Two rounds of UV light will have your gel nail polish dry in no time.
  • The shine that comes with gel polish is INSANE. SICK!!! No top coat is required and the shine lasts until your next mani.
  • Big one ladies-No Chipping. I did all my usual activities without any nail drama.
  • Stronger nails. Maybe I’m imagining things but my nails have not broken since my gel polish application. I think it’s because gel polish is thicker than regular nail polish. Whatever the reason, let’s toast to longer, stronger nails!


My only issue with gel polish is they don’t come in every color. Boo! However, I personally think my hot pink nails are IT! I’m sure you’re wondering how much my nails cost….take a deep breath. Only a dub. That is it. That is all. Well worth the price in my opinion for lasting polish on natural nails.

Visit your local nail salon to get your gel polish manicure. Keep it candy-coated!

Peace. Love. Sales.

Cyn-The Bargain Bella