Banana Republic’s Easy Summer Styles

I spent the summer of 2005 in “The Big Apple”. I quickly realized the cost of living in the city that’s never cheap, oops I mean that never sleeps, was a bit too steep for my pockets. Fortunately, NYC is the U.S. fashion capital, and I was able to get a part-time job at Gap on 5th Avenue. I met some really cool people from all over the world during the 3 months I spent styling gents in the men’s department. After summer, I transferred home to Atlanta and moved over to Banana Republic (B.R.). That was the perfect transition for me. I was starting a new job (which is my current full time gig), and I needed to spruce up my professional wardrobe collection. Believe me, I racked up on B.R. goodies!

Working in fashion retail can be tough. I’ve got plenty of stories too. I’ll share a few with you one day. But for now, let me just say this- Wash AALLL undergarments before you wear them. You’d be surprised by the number of thongs people try on and not purchase. Had to get that out! Okay I’m back to the topic.

B.R. was a great experience. I worked part-time for almost 2 years, which seems like forever when you’re in retail. As an employee, I received some pretty hefty discounts too:
•60% off on special full price items & 50% off regular full price items
•30% off sale & clearance items
•30% off at Gap & Old Navy
There were times when I purchased shoes that were regularly $148 for only $7. Yep! Sure did. A little prayer and patience works every time! I provided a few pics of my B.R., GAP, & Old Navy classic summer favs, all under $30.
Tip of the Day: If you don’t have money for a new summer wardrobe, then go pull out some of your summer staples from your throwback collection.

Now I normally buy my summer wardrobe at the end of season to save a few bucks. But just for you, I picked out a few B.R. & Gap must-haves you can get today. And you’ll notice these items have something in common. They’re all on sale! Did you expect anything else? Get with it, and go get that markdown baby!

Peace. Love. Sales.
Cyn-The Bargain Bella
P.S. I’d like to dedicate this post to Gap & Banana Republic. They were my 1st jobs in retail fashion. And although running back & forth from the store floor, shoe closet, jewelry counter, fitting room, and stock room wasn’t glamorous or high paying, it did serve a purpose. I learned how to juggle two careers. It allowed me to see style from a more universal (age, culture, lifestyle, personal taste) perspective. I also became a more thoughtful shopper. My advice to anyone who needs a wardrobe makeover, has some spare time on their hands, and has a knack for people & clothes is to apply for a job in fashion retail. Not only will your closet thank you, but you’ll have a greater appreciation for retail professionals. Take it from me, you’ll never walk over another hanger on the floor or leave your fitting a room mess again.

Ruffle Bib Tank(Coral)-$17.99
Excellent color for summer. Perfect for work (pair with a suit or skirt) or weekend (jeans or cut-offs). Great reviews online as well!

Purple Emerald Drop Earrings-$29.99
You should have at least one piece of statement jewelry that makes you feel like royalty. These earrings are a sure bet! For one, they have a purple hue. Second, they’re emerald cut. Third, they just look like royalty.

• Drapey Drawstring Pants-$39.99
We all need weekend wear that’s cute, simple, & easy. These pants definitely fit the bill! I love the look, neutral color and gathered ankle. Pair them with flats or wedges, and you’ll have a good thing going.

Shirt, Cuffed Shorts, Necklace, & Hoop Earrings from B.R. And no, I didn't iron. Gimme a break!

Tribal Dress & Shoes(Originally $148. Got em' for only $14 on clearance & with my discount)

I'm a little bit country! Sun Hat & Orange Hoop Earrings from B.R., Swim Suit from Old Navy, Swim Suit Cover from GAP

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