Brown Bella Beauty Spotlight: Tracee Ellis Ross

We all have them. They are beautiful. They are intriguing. They are women that inspire our approach to style. From hair and makeup, to wardrobe and spirit, we look to these women for their take on beauty, and life.
My style has been inspired by so many women, the 1st being my mother. Then there are others which I’ll feature them in the future. But today, I’d like to spotlight my style muse, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross-the 1st Brown Bella Beauty.

Intelligent. Witty. Alluring. These are 3 words I use to describe Tracee. She’s a natural beauty with a SICK, sick shape. She’s also a wonderful actress who is primarily known for her hilariously neurotic and love searching character, Joan Clayton on Girlfriends. But what makes Tracee my style muse?

Well, her genes for one. She was born into style. She’s set to inherit probably one of the best damn closets in Hollywood since she’s the daughter of the supreme diva and fashion icon, Diana Ross. I adore Tracee’s style. She’s a true melting pot when it comes to her sense of fashion. Just check out some of my favorite Tracee Ellis Ross looks which demonstrate her enviable style range. Whether it’s designer duds or dope-girl-fresh hoops, Tracee Ellis Ross rocks it, and makes it work. More importantly, she keeps her style organic, varying, and with a level of depth that’s rare.
You gotta love it. Tell me what you think.

Peace. Love. Sales.
Cyn-The Bargain Bella

Simply Gorgeous. Period.


So Royal

In the Genes

Dress by Patrick Kelly at Old Street Vintage
Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Me...Being Silly...Paying Homage to My Muse
Dress by Kenneth Cole ($20 on clearance at Belk!)
Shoes by Bakers (They're too old to remember the price)


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