Surprising Beauty Supply Store Jewelry Come Ups

Hey Bargain Bellas!
My job often takes me into beauty supply stores for incognito market research. While conducting my undercover mission, I’ve been known to wander over to the jewelry aisle. There, I always find a treat! Sometimes the best jewelry bargains are at beauty supply stores. Don’t’ believe me? Check out these come-ups from my local beauty supply-Scott Beauty:
•Black & Silver Tribal Style Earrings-$2.00
I like to call big earrings like these door knockers. Get it? They’re big enough to be a door knocker! Just a lil humor to get you through the day. Anywho, this is my go-to pair for ear drama. Watch out! They might just end up on an episode of Basketball Wives. I’m also wearing these knockers in my profile picture. Cute right?
•Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings-$2.00
And coming to a wedding near you are my pearl cluster earrings. Don’t they just scream wedding? Well, I do wear them to work sometimes too. There’s a picture below. I love these earrings because they’re pretty, but the silver drops give this pair just a tad bit of edge…just how I like it. Toss your do’ to the side for a pretty-funky happy-medium!
•Chunky Textured Bangles-.99 cents
Yes! .99 cents. Need I say more? I love chunky bangles. I especially love them with texture…worn together. See, I like playing with varying textures because it gives most looks a more fashion-forward style. Yep! Learned that trick from J. Crew President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons.
•Wood Leaf Earrings-.99 cents
These earrings are actually really lightweight so you can wear them all day. Aren’t they a natural piece of heaven? When I saw them, I was reminded of the gold leaf earrings Chrissy wore on Love & Hip Hop (Yes! I watched last season). I don’t think she paid .99 cents for her earrings. But I sure am happy with mine.

The Upside of Beauty Supply Store Jewelry Come Ups
•Great Prices! Enough said.
•Style-You can find some really cute jewelry at beauty supply stores. The ones I frequent keep a nice selection.
•Convenient Locations-You can find a beauty supply store almost on every corner in urban areas. They’re even in or near malls too. So if you left home without your earrings or need an accessory to transform your day look into your night look, then check out your local beauty supply store.
The Downside of Beauty Supply Store Jewelry Come Ups
•Quality-Now beware the earring hook might break. Or that bright gold color may turn into a really icky color. But what do you expect? It is what it is, and that is cheap!
•Mirror Mirror-You are definitely likely to see your door knockers in someone else’s earlobe. The price and convenience of beauty supply stores are attractive to not only you, but Bargain Bellas everywhere. Just do what I do and always pack backup jewelry.
Tell me what you think or share some of your favorite and not-so-favorite beauty supply store come ups.
Peace. Love. Sales.
Cyn-The Bargain Bella


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