Bargain of the Week April 9, 2012: Tadda's Fitness Center's $5 Zumba Class

Hola Bargain Bellas!
Now you guys know I love to boogie. Actually, I’d be a Broadway dancer if I could do a life re-do. But my life ain’t over yet so you just might see me centerstage one day. Until then, you can catch me in Zumba class at Tadda’s Fitness Center (TFC). This one hour Zumba session is my Brown Bella Bargain of the Week!

Why? Glad you asked. The class is only $5, and there’s NO contract people!!!! I repeat, no CONTRACT. In fact, all classes offered at TFC are only $5. Now that’s a bargain baby! I’ve taken dance classes at several well-known dance studios in Atlanta. None of them offer drop in rates this low. Zumba is offered 3 days a week; Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:15pm-8:15pm. Zumba Toning is offered on Saturdays at 10am. Visit to view TFC’s class schedule or to learn more about their additional fitness programs.

Zumba has become the latest dance fitness obsession, and for good reason too. You work every bit of your body during class. You burn LOTS of calories, tone muscles, and give your heart a great workout. Don’t worry if your Latin or Caribbean swag game isn’t together. The classes are soooooo much FUN! They’re also easy to follow but still challenging and effective. Want proof? Look at my “before & after” Zumba class pictures below. Do you see the sweat?!? To learn more about Zumba Fitness, visit

If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to visit Tadda’s Fitness Center’s Zumba class. Who knows, you might find me on stage leading class one day. Adios!

Peace. Love. Sales.
Cyn-The Bargain Bella


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