Easter Baskets by You & Party City

Jesus is ALIVE!!!! He has RISEN from the dead! That means it’s time to celebrate His life, death, & The Resurrection with…Easter baskets!!!??? Uhhhh, I’m not sure how the Easter basket tradition thing started or correlated to The Resurrection of Christ. However, I do know Easter, like Jesus, is coming back. So you better get ready. (Smile) On to my post.

Retail stores have had pastels, bunnies, and baskets out since February in preparation for April 8th. Valentine’s Day candy went away, and candy eggs came hopping out. I know this because I helped plan a friend’s March baby shower for her 2nd daughter. I went shopping for shower decorations in late February and was blown away by the Easter selection. I decided to just run with the Easter theme for her shower as well, and thus made her table centerpieces using Easter baskets. They turned out to be quite cute and surprisingly easy to make. I purchased the baskets, spring fill, ribbon, bows, and wrap from arts & crafts stores. I filled the baskets with baby items from Walmart. Then BAM! 8 butterfly Easter baskets for a beautiful baby girl was born. (See the pics below)

The project made me think, “Why don’t people make their own Easter baskets?” They’re personable, easy to make, and affordable. That’s a bargain. So, how about an Easter basket tutorial?
•Personable-There’s no greater reward than creating something personable. Your kid’s Easter basket will be particularly special if you create them. You’ll be able to customize the basket with the perfect colors, candy, and stuffers based on your little one’s personality. They’ll love knowing no one else in the world has the exact same basket. You’ll also get the warm and fuzzies in your heart by knowing you created an original basket.

•Easy-All you have to do is pick out what your child wants. That’s usually candy, toys & games. Then, just buy everything else. You can purchase everything you need from stores like Hobby Lobby or Party City.

•Affordable-Most Easter baskets are $10-$30. You can make an original for cheaper or comparable. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these prices from Party City.

Basket: $.99-$1.49 each http://www.partycity.com/product/pink+and+purple+paint+splatter+easter+basket.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=60&size=all&navSet=111305

Spring Fill: $.89-$.99 for a bag. One bag can fill 2 to 3 baskets depending on the size of the basket.

Candy: $2.49 + per bag. One bag of candy can be used for 2 to 3 baskets.

Wrap: $2.49

Ribbon: $2.79. One spool of ribbon can be used for several baskets

Ribbon Bows(Optional): $.99
Toys & Games: $5-$25 &whatever your kid’s heart desires

Average Total: $10
Hope this little lesson on Easter baskets have inspired your creativity. Now hop on out there this weekend and make that Easter basket…for less. Happy Easter!

Peace. Love. Sales.
Cyn-The Bargain Bella


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