My Vase Obsession…Blame It On Marshalls & Ross

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I can’t get out of Marshall’s or Ross without something new for my home. I’m actually starting to accumulate a stock pile of vases, wall décor, and florals. Wait, did I just come up with the next great reality show? Focus on the topic, Cyn. You’re writing about vases. Anyway, I believe every home should have conversation pieces. So this past Saturday morning, I grabbed my “digi c”(digital camera), and just started snapping pics of a few of my favorite vases. Although I didn’t take pictures of all of them, I soon discovered I might have a slight vase fetish. You be the judge.

■Ross Live & Love Turquoise Vase Set-Tall Vase was $16.99. Small Vase was $12.99
This set takes me to a happy place. It just feels like home. Sadly, it’s part of my growing stock pile collection of home goods.:-(

■Ross Bronze Vase Set-Slender Vase was $7.99. Wide Vase was $17.99
Love. Love. Love this set’s color & texture. They are both great pieces to jazz up any room.

■Ross Turquoise Animal Print Vase Set-Tall Vase was $9.99. Small Vase was $6.99
Now I bought this on a whim. I had no idea what I was going to do with this set when I purchased it. Now it’s part of my stock pile. Um…is a pattern forming?

■Marshalls Orange Vase-$12.99
I definitely gravitate towards warm colors for my kitchen. I just think the kitchen is the centerpiece of my home which is why I often choose bright, inviting colors to accent.

My Advice for Home Décor Bargain Shopping:
■Have a Game Plan & Vision-Know if you’re looking for a splash of color, something to make a BIG statement, or just the right piece to fill a space. Having a game plan will keep you focused. Having a vision will allow you to know “that’s it” when you see it.
■Determine Your Budget & Stick to It!-I can’t stress the importance of being budget conscious. A budget will keep you from spending the power bill money on an ottoman. It will also give you greater satisfaction when you find the perfect piece at the perfect price.
■Check for Dents & Scratches-I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve picked up vases that had scratches or dents. You never know where some of your favorite finds have been before you find them. Look them over before you leave the store. It may save you a return or help you get an extra percent off. Hey! I know how to super glue and keep it moving.

Tell me your home décor bargain tips or send me pics of your favorite vase finds!

Peace. Love. Sales.

Cyn-The Bargain Bella


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