About Me

So about me. I’ve been married for almost five years to my high school sweetheart. And yes, my hubby still gives me butterflies. We met my sophomore year of high school, fell in “puppy love”, broke up my 1st semester of college, reunited my senior year, and married 2 years after I graduated. Whew, you got the short version. In August, we welcomed our 1st child, a beautiful baby boy who is the love of our lives.  Check out a pic of lil’ man and I having a picnic at the park below.  Love that baby!

I’ve worked as a marketing professional for an upscale beauty brand since graduation. I absolutely, freakin’ love my job. I bleed purple and silver if you know what I mean. (Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink.) My interests & passions are plentiful. I’m an avid dancer. I’m a media junkie. And I adore beauty, fashion, particularly jewelry, and home décor. But my pockets don’t always agree with my adorations. The great thing is I learned at an early age you can be frugal, still look fabulous, and still create a stunning home. Thanks to my mom who is a DIE HARD thrift store shopper and bargain hunter, I have mastered the art of cheap chic.

I started Brown Bella Bargains because I know women are on the hunt for the best beauty and lifestyle bargains. You, like me, don’t want to compromise style just because you’re on a budget. While there are numerous television shows, magazine editorials, and online sites that feature gorgeous finds for under $100, I’m still looking for those same finds for less than that! Sorry. I can’t always afford a pair of $69 jeans or a $30 necklace. I’ll share my experiences, and my bargains too. I invite you to do the same.

But this blog is more than bargains. It’s life. It’s my thoughts, my heart, my pain, my joy, my vulnerabilities…and yours too. I want you to know Brown Bella Bargains is for you. Read it. Share it. Love it.

Get ready to experience Beauty, Life, & Bargains!

Peace. Love. Life.

I have a slight hair obsession.

Thinking…what I do best.

After 15 attempts, I was finally able to get a decent pic on my phone!

Sometimes I pretend to be shy…

Enough of me! Now on to the two men in my life:

Me and the hubbs when I was 8 months pregnant. Can ya tell? Ha! Ha!

Meet Noodle! Mommy’s lil man


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