Posted in April 2012

Style Report: Home Edition- The New White Room

I’m gonna keep this one short & simple. You probably know someone with a “white room”. This room is typically off limits to shoes, food, and kids. It’s also probably a little stiff. I searched the web for a fresh take on these historically forbidden places in homes. The below images will provide you with … Continue reading

Surprising Beauty Supply Store Jewelry Come Ups

Hey Bargain Bellas! My job often takes me into beauty supply stores for incognito market research. While conducting my undercover mission, I’ve been known to wander over to the jewelry aisle. There, I always find a treat! Sometimes the best jewelry bargains are at beauty supply stores. Don’t’ believe me? Check out these come-ups from … Continue reading

Easter Baskets by You & Party City

Jesus is ALIVE!!!! He has RISEN from the dead! That means it’s time to celebrate His life, death, & The Resurrection with…Easter baskets!!!??? Uhhhh, I’m not sure how the Easter basket tradition thing started or correlated to The Resurrection of Christ. However, I do know Easter, like Jesus, is coming back. So you better get … Continue reading